XBox Fitness is officially discontinued by Microsoft and will be shutdown in 2017

Make sure to comment about your displeasure on the official blog post:

Here the original announcement from Microsoft.

Here at Xbox feedback.

Many people are pissed because they posted that they bought the Xbox One console only for  Xbox fitness.

Please vote for that Microsoft reconsider their decision.

New update on the “Xbox Fitness Sunset“:

Updated on 7/5/2016 by Jennifer Paige to add:

We wanted to take a moment to update you all on how affected users will be credited for the changes listed above:

  • Every user that purchased Xbox Fitness content will be eligible to receive a credit in his or her Microsoft account for the value of the content purchased. Credits can be used to make purchases in the Xbox and Windows Stores.
  •  Credits will be deposited automatically into the accounts of Xbox Fitness users. An Xbox System Message will be sent at the time of deposit, viewable on Xbox One, or the Xbox on Windows application.
  •  Xbox Fitness users will receive their credit within 90 days and the credit will be available for use for one year from the day of deposit.
  •  The majority of Xbox Fitness users will receive the account credit directly in their Microsoft account. A small number of users, who including those who are not able to receive a deposit, will receive an Xbox system message with a code or some other form of equivalent value.
  •  As announced, beginning June 27, 2016 users will no longer be able to purchase programs and/or workouts. Xbox Fitness users who purchased workouts in the past will be able to play them until June 10, 2017