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Little Engineer – first use

Little obstacles with fun”

My six-year-old son, was the first tester.  He did quite well. And played in the first attempt at level 20.


We had difficulties with the engineer blocks. Since we did not know when these were detected. But after an acclimatization phase everything went quite well.


Drag and drop program elements like turn left, right, go, … is not easy at times. But my son has not stopped playing the game.


He had the greatest fun as the alien has eaten the others.

The difficulty increases with time. As more and more features are unlocked.

Little Engineer Programming for Kids

Little Engineer is an augmented reality learning tool that bridges the gap between the physical and the virtual, providing kids with the engagement of a video game with the mental and tactile stimulation of a physical puzzle. 

Screen source indiegogo.com  – copyright by Shawn Sheng

I backed the project on Indiegogo.

The summary how the children like the stuff, comes as quickly as possible 🙂