Problem Guest Account: No further login possible after Nomad Login – MacOS Ventrua

We had the issues that after using Nomad Guest Login once, the Guest User cannot log in again. The profile is deleted, but the account is not, and the password that is generated does not match.

To check this, you can run the following command in Terminal:

dscl . readall /users

This will show you all the users on your Mac and their attributes. Look for something like this:


This means that the user has failed to log in three times and has a timestamp of when the last failure occurred.

Error message when logging in with Nomad Login

The error message may look something like this:

authorizationhost: [] Failed to authenticate user <<private>> (error: 9).

Check Log Stream

You can also use a tool called log stream  to view more detailed logs of what Nomad Login is doing behind the scenes. To use it, run this command in Terminal:

log stream --predicate 'subsystem == ""' --debug

This will show you all the events related to authorization on your Mac, including those from Nomad Login. Look for any errors or warnings that may indicate what went wrong.


we moved away from the guest account 😐