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some 3d printed parts

One of the first 3d printed things was a subdivision for a desk organizer

Desk organiser RISSLA from Ikea with 3d printed dividers…

The kinship has received a small Christmas gift
Printed coasters with Merry Christmas 2016 on it

Some random Parts


new “toy” has arrived

to be spoilt for choice

After some weeks of information gathering, switching in mind from Dremel Idea Builder 3D20 to a cheaper DIY 3D Printer and back.

Weighing of functions:
Do I really need PLA and ABS…
Dual extruder yes or no?
Open or closed systems
I don’t like to be dependent on one manufacturer. Filament in cartridges, cartridges with chips,…
The costs rise immediately if one or two “options” are active.

3D Printer – FLASHFORGE Finder

Finally, I dared the step. No high end, no DIY device. The first attempts were already very promising.

Attached some photos of the unboxing

img_2009 img_2011 img_2012
img_2013 img_2014 img_2015